Crayfish Scuba Dive

6 Hours

  • All year round
  • English, Deutsch, Français
  • 1 - 5


Discover the underwater world and indulge your love for crayfish on our scuba diving crayfish tour.

How about tank sized packhorse crayfish? Experienced divers with at least 10 dives and an open water certification will be able to dive for crayfish to bring home for dinner. Embark on an underwater expedition with skipper Charles to catch some crayfish at depths ranging from 5 to 20 meters. Remember to bring your cray noose (let us know if you need one), along with a torch and catch bag. Rest assured, there’s enough space on the boat for both divers and diving equipment! Please be aware that the skipper will have to stay on board.

Tour departs at 7am from the boat ramp and returns around 1pm. 

Some highlights

  • Chance to catch M O N S T E R crayfish
  • Ocean Wildlife & sightseeing
Day 1:

Leaving Sulphur point at 7 AM to head out to the fishing grounds and returning around 3 PM.

Includes / Excludes


  • Skipper Charles with the expertise in crayfish diving
  • Tips & Tricks on how to find crayfish
  • Skipper Charles will put you right on the spot
  • Two chilly bins with salt ice on board
  • Fridge on board
  • 80L freshwater tank & sink
  • Life jackets
  • Onboard electric toilet


  • We do not provide dive gear or dive tanks (refer to local dive shops for rental - f.ex. Dive Zone Tauranga)
  • Catchbag, cray noose (Let us know if you need one)
  • Breakfast & Lunch pack (can be added)


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What is in the breakfast pack?

Some freshly made french crepes, fruits and warm & cold drinks.

How many crayfish can we catch?

In the Bay of Plenty, the recreational daily bag limit is three spiny rock lobsters or six packhorse per person (or six combined). We only allow you to take legal size crayfish, and no females when they are in berry (carrying external eggs) or are soft (just sheded).

Boat Ramp & Vessel location

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Crayfish Scuba Dive
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